Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra
A Womans's Romantic Adventure in Havana, Cuba


"Just finished your book.  I love it!
Fun, sexy, and very tense where it is supposed to be!
Great descriptions and "you are there" moments!
Thank you for a fun time!"
-- Colleen Garnett

"This was a fun read.  Charlie, the main character, is both bold and vulnerable at the same time. From the book you get a sense of the excitement and danger associated with traveling to Cuba at that time. The  story itself touches your heart and keeps you reading wanting to know how it will end."
-- Colin Bunnell

"We just finished your book and we absolutely love it. I loved the flow, balance and movement of Ten Steps. Each character was important, relatable and memorable. The book has just the right balance of romance, intrigue, mystery, fun, adventure, real life, tragedy and fantasy.  The book pulls you back and stays with you when you are done.  The bottom line is that we both really enjoyed the book so much just as it is!!  AND the book has "staying power", i.e., we keep thinking about it even after we finished reading it.  I have read two other books since and still keep thinking about 10 Steps It is constantly good, each situation and every page is meaningful and matters to the reader.  Loved it!!"
-- Pam and Kelly DeBarr

"I couldn't put the book down It is so good. The character of Charlie is really distinct...I liked Enrique and glad they got together, also the Indian family and getting the crystal. It was satisfying as a romance with suspense. And in the beginning reminded me of Sophie Kinsella just starting in the middle of a story and filling in characters background as she goes along...It should be a movie."
-- Kathy Buchanan

"Linda Gunther's Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra is an intriguing mix of adventure, romance, and suspense. The chemistry between the mysterious Enrique and the delightful Charlie is palpable. Engaging characters and a dramatic plot with guilt and betrayal as underlying themes will keep the reader glued to the book. I enjoyed the racy pace, and fell in love with Charlie - sweet, bold, kind, vulnerable Charlie."
-- Jessi Kaur

"I spent a couple of lovely, leisurely vacation days reading this book,just enjoying the story. As I immersed myself in it, I found it coming more and more ‘un-put-down-able’. Charlie’s adventure is a highly original idea and totally absorbing."
-- Valerie Beeck (Australia)

"Ten Steps From the Hotel Inglaterra was a perfect vacation read for me. It kept me turning the pages engrossed in Charlie's adventure. It was over too quickly as I read day and night. Charlie is a very believable and sympathetic character. The poignant story of her dealing with her emotions over a sister lost too young comes around with a satisfying closure. The interesting and well developed side characters gave the novel continuous interest not initially revealing quite how they would fit in or develop as the story unfolded. Very creative and imaginative!  I am looking forward to the next one...Thanks Linda, for writing this impressive first novel from your heart."
-- Julie Tipton

Linda S.Gunther has written an outstanding page turner with "Ten Steps from the Hotel Inglaterra." Through her writing, we are transported to Cuba and find ourselves holding our breath for the entire trip. She writes with a true insight to the country, photography, business, relationships and family; her passion for life and beauty shines. The stories twists and turns are many, unexpected, yet completely plausible.
I look eagerly forward to her next novel!
 -- Darrie Young