Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra
A Womans's Romantic Adventure in Havana, Cuba

About the Author

Linda S. Gunther lives in Aptos, California with her husband Bob, and Lucy, a rambunctious springer spaniel. Growing up in New York City and then after teaching school in the Bowery while attending Columbia University graduate school in Counseling Psychology, Linda escaped N.Y.C. for a different lifestyle on the West Coast. A year later, Linda was given the opportunity to spend a summer in London where she studied child development. After six weeks in Great Britain, Linda decided to take a giant leap and start a new life there where she later married an Englishman, gave birth to her son Benjamin, attended graduate school in psychotherapy and counseled parents and children in the west London suburb of Southhall; a community predominantly populated with families originating from India. With a certificate in teaching English As A Second Language, Linda spent summers conducting classes for European business people who wanted to learn American English.


After six years in London, Linda returned to California and accidentally fell into a new career in Corporate Human Resources - landing her first job working for an international high tech company. Linda completed her MBA and held key leadership positions in some great Silicon Valley companies. This career provided Linda with the opportunity to travel the globe, delivering management development training programs and consulting with some of the world’s brightest talent. Linda also became a part-time actress and has performed several roles in numerous Northern California theatre productions. She auditioned and was accepted to study with Yale School of Drama and the British American Drama Academy at Oxford University where she learned from renowned English actors including: Jeremy Irons, Vanessa Redgrave and Brian Cox.


In addition, Linda has been an avid explorer of cultures, embarking on a variety of educational adventure trips over the years, including: studying French language in Paris, portrait photography in the Soviet Union, Italian language and culture in Florence, writing for screen and television at UCLA, and a photographic journey to Havana, Cuba. Her passion for travel and continuous learning fuels Linda’s fire for creating colorful fictional characters and story lines for both books and theatrical productions.