Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra
A Womans's Romantic Adventure in Havana, Cuba
At what cost do you pursue transforming your life
into a more meaningful, self-actualizing journey?
What would you be willing to sacrifice?

Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra is a romantic adventure story, featuring Charlotte (Charlie) Sweeney, a successful yet stressed out business consultant who yearns to break away for a Christmas holiday travel photography trip to Havana, Cuba. Charlie’s boyfriend and business partner, Doug Adams, would much prefer to have Charlie accompany him to Maui for the holidays to enjoy a romantic, relaxing holiday break  and talk about their future together.  Charlie’s rambunctious best friend, Carla Lopez, supports and encourages her to realize her dream and go off to Cuba while Charlie’s brother, Sam, is perplexed by her holiday travel choice. Definitely – mixed reactions to Cuba!

Fueling Charlie’s need to go off alone on this adventure is her sister, Priscilla’s suicide which mysteriously occurred just a year ago. Haunted by the memory of the events leading up to Priscilla’s death and the three young children she left behind, Charlie is eager to take time for personal reflection; re-think her life choices. Feeling guilty yet wanderlust, Charlie makes her final decision. Just as she’s about to depart for Cancun, Mexico, en route to Havana; she meets Enrique Ruiz, a mysterious stranger. She can’t help but be attracted and intrigued by this charming Cuban entrepreneur. Without warning and on the brink of falling in love with this man, Charlie becomes embroiled in the underground world of illegal and dangerous Cuban smuggling activities. People Charlie trusted become her enemies; and others she never expected to rely on for support, come through for her. 

Readers will enjoy the rollercoaster ride of a lifetime, where Charlie’s tough decisions will change her life forever, as well as those closest to her. Charlie’s experiences to and from Havana, Cuba, inspire her to stretch herself, grow and realize her destiny in life. Ten Steps From The Hotel Inglaterra is the story of a woman’s journey to self-actualization with Charlotte Sweeney persevering to overcome her worst fears and a host of obstacles, including her own self-doubt.